Booking a Lift to Guarantee Smooth Relocation

It is not easy to relocate from one place to another, as there are numerous items to pack and multiple reservations to make. You are supposed to complete these tasks before the day of relocation to ensure a smooth operation. You do not want any complication at the time of relocation and pre-booking an elevator space takes you one step closer to glitch-free relocation.

You may have large and heavy appliances or electronics to move from one apartment to another. It is impossible for any individual to carry these products up or down the stairs. Hence, you need a freight elevator to effortlessly move these items from one place to another. If the apartment does not have a freight elevator, then you may even use the passengers’ lift. However, it is essential to book these lifts beforehand to have the space available during relocation.

Book Lifts Before Moving

Informing the Building Manager

The building manager allocates the common spaces to each resident within a residential apartment. Hence, it is essential to inform the building manager regarding your intention days before the relocation. It may take you two or three hours to securely remove all the appliances or electronics from your apartment. It may even take longer. The duration of relocation depends upon the number of products you need to move and the number of lifters. The manager needs to assess these factors before sanctioning your request. You may need to provide a detailed list of items and the number of individuals moving these products.

Booking Elevator

You are supposed to book the elevators in both the old and new apartments before the relocation. You may electronically finish this booking, as many buildings have this facility available these days. You are supposed to contact the building manager personally in the absence of this facility. You may need to fill out a form before making any reservation. It is also essential to become a registered tenant or owner of an apartment before booking a lift. You may need to talk to the building’s property-manager to become a registered member.

Coordinating with the Moving Company

If you book an elevator for personal service, then the movers need not fight with other residents for space. The concierge/building manager can keep the elevator on ‘individual service’ for the requested timeline. You are the sole user of the elevator for the specified hours. It is essential to deliver this information to the movers beforehand to properly use this facility. The ‘individual service’ is the only way to ensure constant access to elevator on the day of relocation. It saves the movers from chasing the elevator and allows them to complete the task faster.

Deposits against Damage

The professional movers are extremely cautious when moving heavy appliance or large electronics. However, an accident may happen anytime. The appliances/electronics may scratch the elevator’s wall or floor. The property manager looks after the repairing tasks. Hence, you are supposed to make a hefty deposit before booking an elevator to cover for the damages. The property-manager may even ask for Certificate of Insurance from the moving company before letting you book the elevator. This Certificate of Insurance holds a moving company financially liable for damages to the walls, buttons, elevator cab, roof and door-facings.

Blanketing Impacts

The property manager can even cover the walls of an elevator cab with quilted blankets to prevent any scratching or denting from the heavy accessories. This type of blanketing also allows the movers to perform their tasks without fearing any damage. However, it is impossible to pad the elevator walls without prior information. Hence, you can book a lift to guarantee an effortless and accident-free relocation of the goods from one apartment to another.

Height Restrictions

If you are using a freight elevator, then the lift may open onto the loading dock. In this scenario, it is essential to mention any type of height-restriction to the moving company before the relocation. The company can determine transportation vehicle’s height based on this fact. If the vehicle is higher than a lift’s door, then it becomes extremely difficult to load the goods. When you book a lift, you can learn about the height and the loading capacity from the manger.

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