While a move is one of the most important transitions in your life, how to get through it depends on the kind of den you have chosen for the next chapter of your life. Either you will be moving into a new house because you like your personal space or you might have chosen an apartment or condo because you enjoy the hustle and bustle of the surroundings.
House Move vs Apartment Move
However, what exactly is the difference between house and apartment move? This is a question that almost everyone thinks about during a move and contemplates the idea of these two being similar to each other.But that is not the case.

Challenges You may Face While House/Appartment Moving

If you are moving to a house, there might be not as many restrictions that you will face while moving to a new house and then comes the stairs, lifts, the kind of moving space you will get for your belongings among many other factors.
The major difference between house and apartment move comes down to the building type and surroundings, however, there are many factors that you should keep in mind while planning and packing your stuff for the move.
On that note, here are some essentials things that you should keep in mind while moving to a house or apartment and it starts from the planning stages, itself.

Difference Between House and Apartment Move: Things To Keep In Mind

Multiple floor movement

The number of floors involved is the biggest difference between house and apartment move. If it’s the latter, moving your belongings in a highrise will either need an elevator or a hoist. There are few cases where manual labor is needed to carry those items all the way down to where lifts cannot be accessed for material transfer. On the other hand, this is not the case while moving to an independent house as chances are less that there will be a staircase involved.

Lift bookings

This brings us to the second difference between house and apartment removal and if you are going to live in a larger apartment complex which has multiple lifts, you might need to book out the lift for your removalists to use. Lift bookings can be arranged with your building manager or the concierge. The building manager might put up pads and protective sheets all over the lifts to prevent any damages while belongings are being moved. But in case of an individual house, you have a larger door to maneuver things around.

Building managers

If this is the first time that you are going to live in an apartment complex, you would need to get used to the concept of having a building manager and asking for some permissions, every now and then.

Time and day restrictions

If you are moving to an apartment complex, it is highly expected that your new building managers might not allow you to move in and out during peak hours or weekends. Peak hours are often referred to as the period before 9 am and after 5 pm on weekdays since residents will be leaving or returning from work.

Public liability

Many building managers allow new residents and their removalists company to move only if they have public liability insurance to ensure financial aid in case of any damages to the property. The building manager might ask you for a copy of their certificate of currency even before you can book the lifts or the ask permissions for the truck to be parked in the driveway to ensure you are using a professional removalists.


While there are various other factors which reflect the difference between house and apartment move, if you keep these five things in mind, this important transition of your life is going to get over with ease and without any unwanted last-minute shocks or problems.
Along with that, if you are moving to an apartment, you should opt for smaller boxes for the convenience during the move as apartment complexes tend to have a cluttered moving space.

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