Feng Shui Rules & Rituals for House Moving

Feng Shui rules or ritualsĀ for house moving is about examining living surrounding and arrangements to ensure the smooth flow of energy across the environment. It results in positive influence upon the personal flow of energy. This affects your way of thinking and acting while influencing the mental and physical health of a person as well along with relationships and successes. When you decide to relocate, move to a new home, it is worthwhile to consider the advice of interior designer with specialty in Feng Shui. With his or her help, you will be able to arrange the furniture in the best way possible and fill your new home with positive energy.
Feng Shui Rituals When Moving to a New House
Once you come to a decision regarding the placement of all your items, the relocation services will place the contents of your home and the furniture in the desired area. This type of well thought out arrangement promotes happiness, health, and wealth for the whole family. Even when you do not want to consult the Feng Shui expert, knowing about the related rules makes good sense. Here is what you should know regarding the placement of different things in the various rooms of your new home.

Living room

Feng Shui moving house ritual specific to the living room involves consideration of negative energy creation and the placement of your furniture and other items. For example, do not place furniture in the pathways across the room because it leads to the creation of negative energy. You should place couch against solid wall for providing stability to the inhabitants of your home.
Along with the couch, you should also include smaller lounges or extra single seating options in the living room. Do not position chairs with their backs to the door because someone sitting in those will not be able to see the people entering the living room. The placement of the electronics should be on the south or north side of room as this is the best way to benefit from yang energy.


When settling in your new home, make sure that the head of the bed is not against any common wall with the toilet. This is a part of feng shui moving house ritual. The ideal placement of the bed should be against solid wall since this prevents the sense any movement happening behind you. Never place the bed opposite a door because this represents the position of a dead man or a coffin. The ideal placement of the bed should be in a position from where people entering the room remain visible. If shelving is present opposite the bed, make sure that it does not contain exposed and open doors.


Attract positive chi in your kitchen by using copper pans and pots. Hang mirror on the opposite side of the stove as it would help the gas stove appear larger than its size which leads to an increase in wealth. To constantly generate positive energy, you must always maintain and organize a tidy kitchen. Make sure that you are not piling up dirty dishes in your kitchen. Never hang towel through oven rail or place potted plants along east and south walls. Following these Feng Shui rules help you to welcome prosperity in your home.


You can also find the best day to move house as per the Feng Shui rules. Select the ideal days based on your animal days according to the Chinese calendar. In case this does not match, you can look for the good days of secret friends and the allies. This means that you can borrow some of their luck for your own house moving purpose. Consider the vitality and excellence days and make sure that their day is not bad for you and your partner. Moving within initial 15 days in lunar month is great for various important steps like moving houses.
Going by the rules of Feng Shui will give you an auspicious start and you can follow the feng shui moving house dates to get the most effective results. Moving houses is a big project so you do not want bad luck to ruin things for you and your family.

We hope you will use the information to promote health, wealth, and general well-being of you and your family.

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