Fridge Moving Tips – Easy Refrigerator Removal Process

You’re on the D-Day of your moving extravaganza and everything in the living and bedroom has already been placed in the moving truck. Now comes the time to get through with the most crucial space of a home and that is the Kitchen. Learn about some fridge moving tips in this blog

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There’s so much to go through and get done with, that one just can’t get down to it without any real game plan while moving your kitchen stuff. Even the pantry and other things in the kitchen are easy to get through, however, it’s the fridge that just screws our mind up. One often gets annoyed on what to start with while moving the fridge, however, worry not. We gathered some guide & presented for you which help you in easy removal.

What’s Important while Moving your Fridge

We have accumulated 5 easy and super-important fridge moving tips that you need to keep in mind while moving your fridge. These tips will solve all your queries regarding how to move a refrigerator in a pickup truck or how to move a fridge without scratching the floor or even how to move a refrigerator upstairs.

Check out all the super helpful fridge moving tips over here:

#1 How to move a Refrigerator in a Pickup Truck

Moving an empty fridge, defrosted well before the moving date is the key to success in here. Always remember that a well cleaned and empties fridge makes the entire task more bearable to get through with. Defrosting is ideally done overnight, however, if you have a frost-free fridge then it will only take about 3-4 hours to drain completely.

While emptying the fridge check which of the food items can still be saved and toss what can’t.

#2 How to Move a Fridge Without Scratching the Floor

Another fridge moving tips is to try to cover the bottom of the fridge with bubble wrap so that nothing would be able to leave a scratch on your floor and ruin it. Another interesting way to save yourself from the hustle is by attaching a moving dolly while transporting the fridge in the pickup truck.

Also, remember to remove all the detachable shelves from the fridge and keep them stored in a safe place or a safe box.

#3 How to Secure the Doors of the Fridge

One huge mistake that all of us make while moving a fridge is not securing the doors of the fridge. The doors of a fridge might seem entirely harmless and even at their place, however, during the move, anything can happen to them. So, remember to fasten the refrigerator and freezer doors of your fridge with a strong rope and even a bungee cord. This will keep the doors of your fridge shut and take them away from any problem that can possibly be caused while moving. This is one of the important fridge moving tips

#4 Packing the Fridge Well

This is another thing that most of us miss out on while moving our lovely food storage electrical. You need to pack your fridge with as much love and care as you do with any other important item. Wrap your refrigerator in professional packing wrap before covering it in blankets. Secure the blankets to the fridge with packing tape for that extra security.

#5 How to Move a Refrigerator Upstairs.

While the task of moving refrigerator upstairs often seem much more easier than an entirely elongated version of moving, it’s not. You need to be equally attentive and security oriented while making this move. Do all the things said above, plus, also be aware about the weight of your fridge and the man power required to move it. Good fridge moving tips of all the things required to do while moving fridge upstairs is another thing that you need to keep handy.

#6 Hire Fridge Removalists Melbourne Wide

With these fridge moving tips and tricks, trust us, the entire stress of moving a fridge will vanish in no time. Although you can hire our professional fridge removalists team in Melbourne without any stress. Just give us a call on our toll free number: 1800-793-445 and get facility of fridge pickup and delivery Melbourne wide. Our fridge removalists Melbourne help you in easy removal of your refrigerator at lowest possible cost.

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