Tips To Help your Child Cope with Moving Anxiety

So the decision is final. You are moving. You might have got a new job somewhere else or your business needs exposure of a better market to boom. However, unless you are a bachelor, moving is a hectic task because your family also suffers from the transition. Your wife might be accustomed to the nearby supermarket or your kids might not want leave their friends and make new ones.

That said, while your better half is matured enough to understand the need of the situation, it gets tiring to make your kids to the same at that tender age, and one should not except them to do so either.

After the move, kids have to acclimate to a new school, where they may find themselves lagging behind with the rest of their classmates, while many children also worry about being marked as “the new kid,” and find it hard to make new friends.

But then, the question still remains that how to handle kids when moving or even how to tell a child they are moving to another place?

Whether you are moving out of state or just around your block, children and adolescents aren’t typically thrilled by such a change. In fact, the chances of them relishing the change of this magnitude is very rare.

Fortunately, there are some tips that can follow before the arrival of packers and movers, to make this transition easy for your children and make it easy on them, if not relishing.

How To Handle Kids When Moving: 5 Easy Tips

#1 Prepare your kids for what to expect as children might not have a that good of an understanding about what the term “moving” means. Explain them exactly what will happen, and keep them in the loop as long as possible. If they feel that they are a part of it, it might actually take the situation easy on them

Kids Helping in Packing#2 Let your kids help you pack, they are old enough, especially when you are packing their personal belongings. Even at a very young age, kids can sort their toys and would love to help you wrap some objects in tissue paper and bubble wraps. If you’ll be putting some of their belongings into storage, ask them about what they would like to keep as well as what would they don’t mind parting with for sometime.



#3 Organise a goodbye party and give your kids an opportunity to say farewell to the people who matter the most to them, be it their friends or a lovely neighbour who frequently makes a visit with cookies. Kids love a celebration, and this can be a good way to make your move a positive and exciting experience.

#4 Pack a special bag of favorite toys for your kids. Invest in a small backpack or an overnight bag which will stay with your child throughout the entire move. Ask your kids about what they would want to keep in that bag which will keep them occupied during the transition and they will not get bored. Your kids can keep special items like books, dolls, or their special blankets in this bag, along with other toys that they can play with during the car trip or plane ride.

#5 Make your move an adventure for your kids by letting them play with the mess. While moving creates upheaval in your life, it also wreaks havoc on your child’s routine. So take advantage of the situation and let your kids do some things you normally wouldn’t. It can be letting them stay up late at night or enjoy treats they are not normally allowed.


Apart from these five tips on how to handle your kids while moving, you can make a great deal about all the exciting and new things your kids can do at the subjected new place. A new home means new friends as well as new opportunities. What you can do is take your children to a short trips to where you will be moving and let them explore all the cool attractions they can explore if you’re moving with pets & kids to a new city, or take advantage of all the better things that your new house has to offer which your old home didn’t.

We hope these tips can be the perfect answer to ‘How To Handle Kids When Moving’, and how to help your child cope with moving anxiety?

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