Pet Moving Tips for your Dog/Cat Adjusting to New Home

Whether your household move is taking you across continents, across an international border, or to cities that you’ve never been before, moving with kids and pets always adds to the pressure of planning a perfect move.

Only a few things in life can be as stressful as moving to another place and when you add pets into the mix, everyone’s blood pressure, including your cat’s or dog’s, will most likely rise. Pets have an instinctive fear, especially dogs and cats, of new surroundings and pet owners would want to help them adjust quickly to these surroundings.

So, to help ease your concerns and come with an answer to how to move with pets, here are some pet moving tips that one should follow to ensure their pets arrive at the new home without too much of a stress during your house relocation.

How To Move With Pets: 7 Tips To Follow If You Have A Cat Or Dog

  1. Prepare an overnight kit which is easily accessible and has enough food, toys, grooming kits for your pets to make them feel comfortable during the transition.
  2. Contact your vet if you are moving out of an area. Inform him so that you can take records as well as any prescription medications for your vet in case of an emergency. Also, ask for a recommendation for a vet in your new neighborhood.
  3. Keep your pets away from all the action as it is the best way to reduce the stress levels, which is also an important pet moving tip when it comes to how to move with pets. Keep them in a quiet place and make sure that they can’t see anybody touching their belongings. Make sure you check in on them and try to feed or walk them like you usually do because having the sense of a similar routine will help them a lot.
  4. Take your pet in your own vehicle while traveling to the new house as they will feel safe in your presence. Some animals also feel more comfortable if they are given a blanket over their carrier is covered during a car ride so they can’t see the surroundings changing outside.
  5. Do not let your pet out until you have reached if you are transporting them through a professional packers and movers. Be careful because your pet can get lost while exploring the new environment.
  6. Keep your pets secluded and move the house before you move your pets. Set up a room or the area, with their toys or familiar blankets, where they will be sleeping before you introduce the new home to them. Try and confine them to a small and undisturbed section of the house while giving them some time to adjust.
  7. Update their info. After you move, make sure that you update your pet’s tags or microchip information according to the new address and phone number.

These pet moving tips can act as the perfect remedy for your worries of how to move with pets and help your cat/dog on adjusting to a new home.

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