Learn How to Pack House Plants for Moving

Even after packing all your furniture and other home contents in anticipation of the upcoming move, one big question remains, how to pack house plants for moving? People spend years pruning, watering, and nurturing the greens so it becomes impossible for them to leave them behind. Based upon the number of the plants that you have it is necessary to inform the removalists services so that they can arrange accordingly. It is necessary to pick up a truck that will be able to accommodate all the things.
how to pack house plants for moving

Tips to Pack House Plants for Moving

Remember that the potted plants tend to take up significant amount of space especially because you cannot stack things upon these. Here is how to make the relocation of your favorite greens get on like breeze:

  • Water makes plants heavy to carry so it is better to stop watering the plants for a few days prior to the relocation date. This way, the pots will be comparatively lighter and easier to travel.
  • Some plants require large amount of water compared to the others. In this case, you could place newspapers scrunched up around the soil or the leaves. This is a great idea for the hot days when temperatures soar.
  • It is a good idea to prune your plants and remove the excess foliage as this helps to prevent damage and breakage when transporting on the truck. Learn how to wrap plants for moving. For condensing purposes, you might place plastic bags or nettings around foliage. These will remain safe throughout the journey with such simple precautions.
  • Maximise space capacity on the truck and get the full value of the money spent by boxing out small potted plants. This way, it becomes possible to stack one box over the other and it takes up less space than otherwise. Do not forget to make some holes in boxes to facilitate the breathing of the plants all through the journey.
  • If you find that certain plants are almost impossible to transport it will be a good idea to take their cuttings instead for replanting at the new location. This will ensure the survival of your favorite plant even if it is difficult to transport.
  • Learn how to move large potted plants. Re-potting larger plants in plastic lightweight pots is a great move because it will facilitate the relocation by reducing the chance of damage to fragile concrete, stone, or the ceramic pot.
  • You have to check with your removalists whether they are ready to relocate the potted plants. Some providers do not offer this kind of services so it is necessary to find one that does.
  • Preparing the potted plants for the upcoming transport is a very good idea. You can tidy and clean up the pots and remove water, excess soil and all types of pests such as the spiders or the snails. If you want, you can also treat the plants for diseases and pests before the relocation.
  • For any interstate move, it is necessary to check the quarantine restrictions related to transport of certain type of plants. Be aware of them before you make decisions regarding the plants you want to take with you to the new location.
  • It is necessary to check the wine barrels or the pots for corrosion and cracks before the big move. You do not want any of the pots to crumble on the journey. In case you find any signs of damage is a good idea to transfer the plant to plastic pots temporarily for the move. Once you reach the new location, it will be quite easy to replant them in new pots.
  • Place the large potted plants in plastic bin strong liners for catching any water leakage present. This will help to prevent the spillage of soil inside the truck during the journey. Such spilling might lead to stains on your precious furniture. This simple precaution can keep the problem from getting out of the hand.
  • Many people keep their household goods in storage facilities during relocation. When this is the case, it is a better idea to place the potted plants in the house of friends or family. Talk with the large potted plant mover because your precious plants may not survive in a storage facility.

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