Facing Difficulty in Moving Home Due to Bad Weather?

One can plan all one wants but a factor that often ruins everything when it comes to house moving and shifting is unpredictable weather. A sudden unexpected shower, a hailstorm, a barrage of unruly winds- different but inclement weather conditions hold power to dissuade plans and delay moving and shifting. Thus moving house in bad weather.

Tips for Moving House in Bad Weather

Weather doesn’t always play the part of a good friend and can thus be an anomaly that forces one to move in bad weather. It is therefore pertinent to be prepared for unforeseen situations and plan for the grey day.

And since no weather is ever identical in terms of the varying challenges it imposes on an individual, one has to plan accordingly, be it summers, winters or other seasons.

Moving in Summers

These are intense months wherein one tends to experience that the labour or toil required to move during this bad weather is slightly more imposing and tedious to handle. Remember, there’s ought to be lots of heat & could be difficult when moving house in bad weather. You will have to remain wary of that. The task of moving under bad weather here will tantamount to embracing or battling heat and thus, dealing with tons of sweat.

Keep your summer gear on and sorted in order to fight it out as you move and prepare to shift equipment, gears and your entire paraphernalia during summer. A word of caution. Be mindful of calling your utilities provider to arrange for a date and time to set up electricity as well as heating and air-conditioning in your new home; new residence that one is to occupy upon moving.

To keep the rigour involved in moving about with your belongings during summer, always a bright idea to put on plenty of sunscreen. It’ll save you plenty of tan. Wearing a hat to protect yourself from the sun is also advised.

Moving house in bad weather with bottled water and some cold coffee or lime during hot, humid days is a vital antidote to countering sheets of heat.

Moving during winters

One of the most fierce challenges for anybody is to move during bad weather; especially the one that envelops like a gloomy cloud cover on a cold, chilly winter day. What are the kind of challenges one is more likely to embrace and how well can one cope up with moving house during this kind of bad weather?

It’s an absolute must to commute but not without keeping a separate stack of the following items:

  • Winter hats and gloves
  • Hand warmers
  • Waterproof tarps
  • Shovels for removing snow

Moving House in Rainy Season

Whilst packing your belongings, be mindful and alert so as to avoid water coming in contact with any of your belongings. After all, no one wishes to arrive at one’s new destination with important items such as electronic units and power backs, smartphones and other gadgets soiled by water. Isn’t it?

To ensure utmost care while packing when it comes to moving house in bad weather, specially in rainy season, the following tips are necessarily advised:

  1. Use sealed, waterproof plastic bags to store electric cables and gadgets
  2. Ensure that your moving company fully and professionally wraps larger electronic items including toaster ovens and other articles of daily usage
  3. Use plastic, waterproof bins as far as possible for packing paper items. Else, water always stands the risk of spoiling items packed in cardboard boxes such as books and photographs, clothes and other accessories.
  4. Before packing your clothing items, be sure to shrink wrap them. It’ll not only save a lot of space but ensure that during bad weather conditions such as rains- there’s no contact between water and your valuable items.

Be mindful of transportation arrangement:

Moving house in bad weather & in testing conditions is an elaborate ask; one that can very quickly take a ghastly turn if one’s transportation arrangement isn’t sorted, especially for long-haul journeys.

What if the destination you are to move into is far off from the inner city limits and lies on way to the countryside. In such cases, having one’s transportation gear not in place isn’t the ideal way in which to begin a sojourn.

Remember to fully service your waggon that you’ll be using to move and shift around. If you are driving yourself and are navigating in a large moving truck, be sure to take safer, smoother routes, by eschewing poor roads and conditions. It will only spoil your packed items and submit them to threats such as damage during transit.


If you are commuting during terse winters, then be sure to bring along a snow shovel, snowblower, and salt for sidewalks. A little over-packing as it might sound will ultimately help during uncertain, unaccepted weather conditions.

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