Moving House in Rain – Quick & Easy Tips

Rains are unpredictable and even if you have planned your move during the winters, it is impossible to rule out a rainy day completely. It is necessary to book the removalists well in advance when moving house in rain, so what is going to happen when the weather forecasts predict rainfall on the day of your relocation. Expert service providers know how to make the relocation and transport process a success in spite of the vagaries of the weather and this is what they suggest you do.
Moving House in Rain

Proper protection for the boxes

When it comes to packing the household contents, you will have to use only professional and sturdy removalists boxes as these are waterproof. Moving purpose-built boxes tend to have a durable construction protecting the contents within in all weather conditions whether rain or shine. If you want, it will be a good idea to use plastic strong tubs for the packing purpose when moving house in rain. Inside, you can keep things and place in the shed or garage long-term as storage. It is necessary to find plastic tubs having solid lids so that when the time comes you will be able to stack one upon another in the truck to optimize available space during transport.

Use Quality Tapes & Packing Material

Use tapes for sealing the boxes securely and make sure to use much of the tape in the bottom portion of the heavy boxes that contains the breakables and books. This will prevent the collapse of the bottom. Weakening of the tape occurs in wet weather so it is necessary to go over seams of the boxes multiple times. When you are keeping electronic items in the box, marked these for the removalists so that they will take all the necessary precautions to make sure it does not get wet due to rain. Marking boxes out means that, one has to be extra careful when handling those & moving house in rain.

Furniture Protection

When it is raining, you want the truck to park as near to your home as possible. The best thing would be to make the vehicle park in the driveway or perhaps directly in the front out on the street nearby. This way the removalists would have to walk just short distances to get your furniture on the truck and to safety. Irrespective of the rain, this type of an arrangement makes sense because it speeds up the moving process and ultimately makes it quite cost effective with lowered expenses.

Best Movers are Prepared for Rain & You?

The removalists come prepared to the project “Moving house in rain” as they are well aware of the changing mood of the weather. It is going to rain when one least expects, so be ready to move your house in bad weather. Their experience teaches them to take all types of precautions and leave nothing to the chance. They use padded protective blankets for wrapping the furniture items preventing watermarks, scratches, and damage of any type. It is a good idea to ask the removalists for shrink-wrapping the items. This type of procedure provides added protection from rainfall.

Get the Extra Material for Safety

If you want, purchase the shrink-wrap yourself from local store. After this, you can wrap the furniture pieces before the arrival of the movers. With this type of protection in place, the water will not be able to seep inside to do the damage but it drips off minus any type of watermark. Use of waterproof couch and mattress covers is another great way to protect your precious goods from water damage when moving house in rain. Often, removalists provide these things to their clients.

Home Protection

During the relocation process and loading or unloading of the items to/from the truck under heavy rainfall, the movers move back and forth continuously between the house and the vehicle. The water dripping from them will wet the floors with water everywhere in no time. It is necessary to prevent this by placement of blankets, carpet, and old towels on floors for cleaning up wetness. It is a good idea to place the doormats at strategic locations for the movers to dry and wipe the shoes before they entered the home.


Experts caution you against the use of plastic or tarp sheeting because it makes the surface slippery and dangerous leading to safety issues for people on the move. Rains also signify presence of mud so make sure to remove mud from driveway with hoses or the removalists would drag this indoors with them, when moving house in rain.

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