Planning To Move Office? Here Are Much Needed Office Relocation Tips!

Relocating office is an exhausting task. Whether you plan to move your home or office it keeps you on your toes and your mind stressed, so you should follow some office relocation tips. However, relocating an office is a cumbersome task than moving a house. All the dismantling, packing and shifting make it almost impossible to keep up with everything else (especially the workflow).

Office Relocation Tips

When you have a set of professional office removalists working for you, it becomes a bit less stressful but for that planning plays a bigger role. They can help you move your stuff from one place to another, however, you need to keep an office relocation checklist that will come handy and make your task simpler.

You need to have all the necessary office relocation tips to execute it perfectly. From small items to eliminating the unwanted things that would not be used on your new premises, everything needs to be taken care of.

So here are some of the much-needed office relocation tips if you live in Melbourne that you should definitely have on your list while moving.

7 Office Relocation Tips to Manage your Business Efficiency

  1. One of the most important office relocation safety tips is that you start packing early and by early we mean at least before one week. Make sure you pack the inessential things first. Also, mark boxes either with colored tapes or with a defined label so that it gets easier to identify what items are put in which boxes.
  2. Do not use big boxes for things such as paper, files, books, etc as the boxes will be heavier to carry. Use small boxes for heavy items and stuff huge boxes with a lot of small items so that it can store more without adding a lot of weight to it.
  3. another thing that should be on your office relocation checklist is to make sure to empty all the cabinets if stairs are involved. If no stairs are involved you can keep the cabinets full. However, you will need to empty all the stationery cabinets and desk drawers.
  4. When you dismantle furniture, make sure you tape the screws to the items. Use electric screwdrivers to dismantle panels, shelves, racks, etc. It will be easier to relocate office if you dismantle all the items ahead a day of moving.
  5. You should make a decision regarding the moving day and time. If moving involves professional movers then it should be done on weekdays and at the daytime. Weekend and night rates are slightly higher than weekdays and daytime so, it will save you a fair share of the money. This is perhaps one of the most useful office relocation tips.
  6. You should check the building access timings and security requirements of your current premises as well as new premises to keep it easier. Ask for lift keys as it will fasten the process.
  7. Make sure to leave all the needless things and items behind. You have to consider if these items will be useful to you at your new location or not. All these items will only fill up space and make the count of the boxes that are needed to move.
  8. Keep your employees in the loop when you relocate and always put one person in charge of moving if you are hiring professional movers. Many minds will keep confusion and you need to keep it sorted.


All the above office relocation tips make your moving hustle a bit easier and a hell lot less stressing. Moving can never be fun but advance planning will save the hassle.

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