How To Pack Pantry For Moving: Essential Tips

Are you moving to a new apartment or house? You might be excited about the new life and opportunities at a new place. Now think about packing your stuff or confused about the question in your mind “How to pack pantry for Moving??”. Still excited? Probably not, or thinking to hire kitchen removal service Melbourne wide?.

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Packing is a long and tiring process which many people dread and delay to the last minute. However, this shouldn’t be the case as the earlier you start packing your belongings for the move, the better it will be for the final day.

Everything about packing is difficult, however, it’s the kitchen with which people struggle the most as there are many knicks and knacks that they have to keep in mind. A kitchen is filled with appliances, fragile items among so many other things. One has to be extremely careful while packing them properly in order to prevent any damage to the kitchen gear.

On the other hand, when it comes to how to pack pantry for moving, while the process seems easy, it is the most confusing part of your move. First off, there’s that mystery canned meat at the back of the pantry, then there is the expired food in the crisper drawer, and a couple of protein shakes that being safe to eat, are definitely a relic from your crazy diet of 2015.

Which of these items do you need during the move and are they worth transporting to your new house? Here are some easy tips that you should follow which will give the perfect answer to ‘How To Pack Pantry For Moving’ along with all the above-mentioned queries.

How To Pack Pantry For Moving: 10 Tips To Keep In Mind

#1 Plan for your new space.

If your move means downsizing from extra cabinets, a full-size pantry, and built-in shelves in the kitchen which had lots of storage room, prepare to tear down your collection of food by bulking items that come in large packagings like tomato sauces and vinegar, to name a few.

#2 Items to Save And Toss

Items to Save: Sealed Food in Boxes (Cereal and Pasta), Canned Goods, Sealed Food in Bags/Packets (Cookies and Chips), Dried Spices, Unopened Condiment and Flour in Sealed Bags.

Items to Toss: Pickled Items, Opened Condiments, Leftovers, Eggs, Any Food that Requires Refrigeration and Liquids/Soft Solids Inside Soft Packaging (Pudding).

#3 Cook and Consume

A month before your move, start purging your fridge and pantry of perishables and limit your grocery shopping. Consume as many items as you can and if you have an extra freezer full of meats, start eating it. To avoid throwing out anything, devise a meal plan which would utilize most of what you have in stock.

#4 Label your Dry and Boxed Items

Once you’ve pared down your stock of food items to things which you’ll be bringing to your new house, be sure to clearly label all those food items in a “PERISHABLE” box. Try to bifurcate your boxes into food type and segregate them like “spices” box and “canned goods” box. It’ll help ensure prioritizing the perishables first and then identify everything you need without even opening all of your kitchen boxes.

#5 Take or Donate!

Most salvageable pantry food items tend to be heavy and bulky in nature, be it canned goods or food in glass jars. They take up your time, effort as well as truck space to move. Moreover, these items could leak or break during the move, possibly damaging all the adjacent boxes. First, evaluate the cost of buying all these pantry items and it is an amount you spare, donate your pantry goods to local shelters or a food bank. It’s both charity work as well as an effort to save your mattress among other stuff from a sauce spill, all at the same time.

#6 Hire Professional Kitchen Removalists

It is advisable to get Kitchen removal service if you are a first time movers. Professional kitchen removalists Melbourne wide available to take care of your pantry moving. From planning to packing to shifting & organizing pantry, kitchen removalist help you. Other than that they also offer kitchen dismantling service Melbourne wide, just give a call on toll free number: 1800-793-445


These were the six essential kitchen moving tips that can be the perfect answer to ‘How To Pack Pantry For Moving’ and apart from that, before letting go of the keys, check all the nooks and crannies of your old house in order to see if you have left any essential item behind.

In the end, make ‘How To Pack Pantry For Moving’ an insignificant question with these tips and enjoy your move. Apart from that you can hire professional kitchen removalists Melbourne wide to make your task easier.

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