Things to Remember while Preparing for Move

Congrats!!! You landed a new job in your dream city, and the idea of relocation excites you. But soon the enthusiasm will fade away as you begin to think about packing your stuff in boxes. Small drops of sweat begin to trickle down your forehead as you envision the cumbersome activity of relocation. This article shares expert-approved moving house checklist and tips to help you sail smoothly through the process of relocation. You should start the process 2-4 weeks prior to moving to ensure a less stressful process. We hope this article on things to remember while moving house will help you navigate your way even when you are surrounded by boxes.

Moving into a new house checklist

Create a plan on packing daily and from where you may want to start. Structure the process by assign yourself a daily box quota that allows you to pack household items in an organized way. Packing items in a planned way will save you last-minute stress and give you ample time to rejuvenate before you embark on the new journey. Remember, you need to unpack the boxes, too, so save your energy. Have a look on some short-listed checklist.

#1 No cardboard boxes please!

Quit the old school and embrace new way of packing. Today, packing and moving companies are offering boxes on rent. You can order boxes from them, use, and return the boxes once items are unpacked suggests interstate moving checklist. The company usually drops these boxes a week before your departure so that you can conveniently pack your belongings. Once you unpack the boxes simply call the company to collect their boxes.
These boxes are made from sturdy material and have attachable lids, so you no longer tape the carboard boxes or bubble wrap. Moreover, these boxes are eco-friendly and cheaper.
No packing your closet!
Ask your professional movers & packers to bring several wardrobe boxes, so you can pack your clothes on the day of your travel. Once settled in your new home, you can simply take out your wardrobe from the boxes and wear them without ironing.

#2 Disconnect and reconnect Utility Services

Utilities like gas, electricity, water, broadband and telephone are important for your survival. Therefore, you must plan to get utility services disconnected from your current location at the right time; else you would be running in circles to get the job done quickly, and that would be very stressful. The moving checklist suggests that you must collect all your utility/service bills in advance so when the time comes to close your accounts, it becomes easier. Contact your old service providers a month before to inform them that you would discontinue their services from your moving date.
You should start reviewing the options for utility providers serving in your new geography. Compare online for the best deals. However, if your existing service providers also operate in the new location, compare their prices and services with the new companies to grab a good deal. Upon deciding the service providers, call them to inform that you would want services to start from your move-in date.

#3 Check Insurance

During the transit, your belongings can easily be damaged, lost or stolen. If you have a home insurance policy, you can breathe easy! Check if your insurance provides adequate cover, if not, consider upgrading the cover.

#4 Keep important papers with you

Use a sealable folder to secure your important documents, such as, passports, birth certificates, bank statements, phone list, school records, utility company numbers, and movers’ contract. Keep this folder with you and not put them in one of the boxes. Remember these documents are critical.

#5 Tug the basics before the moving truck arrives

You should take basic supplies with you, such as, bathroom provisions, pajamas and clothes. You do not have to run helter-skelter in your new city searching for such amenities, while you wait for the truck to arrive.

#6 Make goodbyes easier

Moving from a home where you or your children have grown holds a strong sentimental value, and its heart wrenching to abandon the home. Saying goodbyes is not easy but creating favorite memories are! The local moving checklist suggests you may want to create a video involving each of the family members talking about their favorite part of the house to create and preserve memories.

#7 Envisage life in your new home

Don’t make goodbyes steal away the happiness of moving into a new home. The sooner you unpack and organize your household items, the sooner it feels like home. You will feel more proficient and settled if you plan on which wall your favorite art piece will hang or which room will get that oriental chandelier you recently brought form the store.

#8 Take a walk in your neighborhood

Take a walk in your new neighborhood to greet people. Introducing yourself to people you pass by will help you get recommendation for a handy man, babysitter, plumber, electrician, stores and restaurants. But that’s not all, this meet and greet attitude will help you get the feeling about the place and its community.

#9 Greeting your neighbors

A friendly greeting or baked goods helps you create good relations with your neighbors. But, you can add a fun theme to greeting them- why not host a relaxed party theme where you can give paint samples to your neighbors and let them scribble games and notes on the wall that you want to paint? Don’t forget to treat them with drinks and pizza for their great efforts!

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