As the person of technological era, you may have at least one or two electronics in your house. Homeowners usually have a laptop, a PC and a plasma television set. You may even have gaming-console or home-theater for exclusive entertainment. Some homeowners even have additional computer peripherals such as printers, scanners and projectors. These high-quality electronics are sensitive devices and you are supposed to be extremely careful when moving these devices from one location to another. A simple scratch can damage the plasma screens of laptop, PC or LED TV. Hence, it is essential to keep these electronics out of the harm’s way during relocation and enjoy a trouble-free performance.

LED/LCD Televisions

It is not easy to relocate a LED/LCD television set, as one scratch can damage the entire screen. These televisions are fitted with sensitive electronics and you may damage these electronics with improper packing. You may use the original crate to pack a LCD/LED TV, as these boxes are manufactured with the specific measurements of a television set. You may even find customized crates through professional companies that help you pack and relocate.
It is essential to wrap and label the main cords or wires neatly before placing them into a box. You may put the remote-control devices into the same box. You may even have a sound-bar system or Blu-ray players with latest plasma television. You may wrap these accessories separately inside the bubble wraps and place them in one box to easily find them after relocation. The instruction manual may even inform you regarding the proper method of packing. It is important to let the TV settle for a few hours before switching it on after relocation.

Personal Computers

The computers/laptops hold vital information. Hence, it is prudent to make a backup of vital information onto the Cloud or on an external hard-drive before the packing. It saves you from losing the important documents in the event of any accident. These devices are made of fragile electronics; therefore, it is essential to be extra careful at the time of packing. The laypersons may label the cables/cords before unhooking them to avoid any confusion during reassembling. If you do not have the original packaging box, then you may use a sturdy and capacious box to place the CPU during relocation. It is prudent to surround the CPU with additional packing materials. You may even use a flat packing box to relocate the monitor. You may put a piece of flat cardboard onto the screen for added protection. The packing peanuts usually carry a charge of static electricity. Therefore, it is important not to use these packing elements when relocating the computer monitor or CPU.

Printing Machines

You may have a printer and it requires separate relocation. The toner and ink cartridges tend to leak due to excess heat. Hence, it is essential to remove these items from the printer before packing. You may carry them separately waterproof zip-lock bag to prevent any leakage. The zip-lock bag also keeps the cartridges or toners secure. It is prudent to choose a bag that has adequate space to avoid any damage. It is essential to tightly secure the printer head and to prevent it from shifting at the time of relocation or lifting.

Essential Packing Tips

These tips can keep your electronics safe and can make it easier for you to reassemble the parts.

  • You may take photos of the back of the television or computer before taking the wires off. These pictures may guide you at the time of rewiring. You also need to tie and label the cords and wires to ensure easy setup after unpacking the boxes.
  • You may use Styrofoam, cardboard-cutouts and bubble-wraps inside the original packaging box to ensure secure relocation of all electronics. The soft blankets and pillows can provide cushioning when you do not have the original packaging box or packing materials.
  • The corrugated and double-lined boxes from professional removalists are ideal for relocation. These sturdy boxes give adequate protection and the packing tape can hold the contents with additional strength.
  • It is vital to use a ‘Fragile’ tape when packing the electronics and mention the top side of the box. You may inform the movers regarding the electronics inside a box with proper labeling.

Electronics become damaged with constant shaking during relocation. It is thus essential to properly cushion the electronics with padding at the time of packing.

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