Here Are Some Self Storage Tips To Ease Your Moving Stress

There are very few things in life that are as stressful as moving places and storing items, we all can agree to that. There’s so much that one needs to consider and then implement before the D-day, which can make anyone feel stressed out from head to toe. After all, you’re are about to pack your entire life in this house and move places to make another house feel like home. Quite a task, we know, however, it just doesn’t have to be as stressful as it often gets.

If you have a professional removalists then the moving part has already been taken care of, however, it’s the packing and unpacking that makes people go stone cold. We are describing some self storage tips when moving house.

There are so many things that one needs to take care of, in the packing department, which can actually make or break the entire situation. We will be listing out some really smart and helpful ways in which you can store your stuff and get absolutely ready for the moving, that too ahead of time. Have a look on some helpful storage tips for moving stuff

#1. Heavy Items & Light Items Storage

Our first instinct while packing stuff is to store all the big and heavy items in big boxes, which is a bad-bad decision. Always go the other way round. Store heavy items in small boxes, so that they are easier to lift and move, and store light items in big boxes so that more stuff can be stored in one box without making it miserably burdensome. If you are having heavy furniture then you should hire a furniture removalists for sure.

#2. Electrical Storage

Before you take apart all the wires and circuits of your electrical make sure to click a picture of it, all assembled, and then put tags on the wires. After this, try to store these units while being wrapped in various pieces of clothing. This way, not only do your clothes get stored but they also, in turn, protect your electrical. Cool self storage moving tip? I hope yes, it would be helpful in your packing.

#3. Padding and Space Fillers

Store your soft items such as pillows, animals, blankets, sheets and various other soft items in a trash bag and use them as a padding next to your fragile items in the moving truck. This technique not only keeps your fragile items safe but also helps fill up irregular empty space in the truck so your belongings won’t shift around during the move.

#4. Making Use Of The Refrigerator

Defrost your refrigerator a day ahead of the move, along with towel drying it. This will help prevent a stinky and wet mess to happen in the refrigerator. One can also store their lightweights and soft items in the refrigerator and utilize the space in it, the most.

#5. Clothes Storage

The best way to store your clothing items is to keep the clothes on the hangers while still protected in garbage bags. This saves the hassle of taking the clothes on and off from the hangers and placing them back into the cupboard.

#6. Important Stuff

First night box is a box including all the important stuff that one would needs. This includes toilet paper, coffee, first-aid kit, utility knives, pet supplies, few snacks, disposable utensils and a torch. Always keep in mind to store all of these items in a transparent box, which makes spotting the items in the box, an easy task.

#7. Color code

Always remember to colour code your boxes according to the stuff from different rooms. For example, a different colour for kitchen item, a different colour for kids room’s item and a different colour for bathroom utilities. Just use coloured tapes on the boxes along with the name of the things that are in it.


These 7 self storage moving tips not only make the entire moving process a bit more bearable but also makes the unpacking a much easier task to implement.

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