Apartment Removalists Melbourne Let you Relocate Easily

Now the complex & challenging task of moving Apartment get easy with Apartment Removalists in Melbourne. The task is challenging because it includes space constraints, stairs & much more unexpected things. Also, the traffic & parking restriction make your move more challenging. But Packers & Moovers ensure that you don’t have to face any issue due to these constraints & challenges. We can quickly deal with items & other products that won’t fit into the lift by our professional apartment moving service.

Right Skills & Tools for apartment removals in Melbourne

Being an Apartment Removalists in Melbourne we are quite aware of all the challenges of apartment moving. Therefore we carry the right tools & skill set with us which help you in quick & easy apartment relocation. The equipment like flat dollies & fridge trolleys are essential for moving to make your apartment move damage free. From the beginning of apartment’s item packing to shifting to moving, we ensure that your move goes smoothly with our apartment removal service. Our experienced & professional apartment movers Melbourne ensure that your belongings will be in safe hands so that you can experience damage-free move.

There will be no hidden charges for our quality services. All foreseeable charges are given up-front so that it gets easy for you to estimate the cost of your apartment removal prior to moving.

Making Extra Efforts for Every Apartment Removal

With every apartment move, we make efforts to recall the position of every item to be placed before, so that it could be placed at a similar location in your new apartment. Our apartment moving services include dissembling furniture, packing your products, then moving it from stairs or lift, then transporting it, unloading, re-assembling & finally organizing it to your new apartment.

Hi-Rise Apartments & Flat with Stairs: No Matter for Us

Apartment Movers Melbourne are specialist whether the task is for moving apartment with lift or flat with stairs. Following are the checklist to be followed by safe & stress-free moving:


  • Check your Public Liability Insurance with your Apartments movers
  • An Inspection of Walls, Floors, and Lifts before and after you move.
  • To be completed by a certain time because there are peak times for residents.
  • Time allocated for a service or dedicated lift.
  • Parking has to be organized in some areas.
  • Large & heavy moves are quicker with more removalists.


  • We do not charge additional for stair work.
  • Experienced in moving all types of furniture & fragile items up or down Stairs.
  • Parking has to be organized in some areas.
  • Large trucks one trip only. Saves twice occurrence for parking.
  • More apartment removalists to quicken the job.

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