Moving Truck Rental Services Fulfil Your Single Item Relocation or Multi-Truck Move Requirements

Whether you want us to move a single item or multitude of things, we have the right arrangement of moving truck rental to fulfil your requirement. We have tailored solution for both residential and commercial clients and as such have trucks of different capacities and even a fleet of vehicles ready to make your move complete success. Packers and Moovers is known as the local and interstate moving specialists for our clients across Melbourne. You can call 1800-793-445 to discuss your moving needs and we will tailor everything as per your requirement.

Single item relocation to the destination of your choice well within your budget

Not all relocation requirements are the same and through the years, we have helped hundreds of clients move their assets to the desired location. Our budget truck rental solutions are perfect for moving single items, such as, large furniture pieces, the fridge, bookshelf, couch, freezer, cupboard, bookshelf, wardrobe, table, or a desk. Above all that, we also move small furniture load like bedroom suite, stack of boxes, and some bulky items. We have all the needed equipments to lift these items safely such as dollies, moving blankets, rubber bands supersized, climbing trolleys for stairs and more.

Multi-truck movement with our fleet of vehicles kept ready to move and in top shape

Sometimes, a single truck fails to do the job when you are relocating bulk of items from your commercial space locally or at an interstate level. To cater to such specialized requirements of our clients, we have a fleet of heavy-duty vehicles at your service as the most dependable removalists Melbourne.
Whether it is a single item or a huge assortment, we will take due care to make every relocation safe and effective for our clients. Call 1800-793-445 today to know more about our budget truck hire.

Single Item to Multi Truck Moves Melbourne packers and moovers

Packers & Moovers located in Melbourne; one of the major cities of Australia. We are a one-stop solution to all your moving problems. From packing to relocating, we offer all that you have in mind when you think of moving.

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