Finding suitable caravan awnings for a comfortable camping experience

If you’re planning a caravan trip, a caravan awning should be on your list of must-haves. An awning can provide extra space and offer protection from the elements. Several kinds of awnings are available in the market, and choosing the perfect caravan awning for your requirements might be challenging. The following are the different types available in the market and what you need to consider before purchasing awnings.


Different types of caravan awnings

Full awnings are the most popular kind of caravan awnings. They offer the maximum coverage and help add extra living space to your caravan. Full awnings are designed to fit perfectly around the caravan and provide additional sleeping and seating areas. These are great if you are in groups or with your family and need extra space.


Porch awnings are smaller but versatile. They can be attached to the side of the caravan and provide extra storage space for your equipment. Porch awnings are perfect for small families or couples needing extra room to store their equipment.


Inflatable awnings, as the name suggests, can be used whenever required. They are easy to set up and take down because of the air-filled poles. Inflatable awnings are perfect for those who want to avoid dealing with the hassle of heavy traditional tops. They are lightweight and easy to transport, thus making them ideal for long-distance trips.


What features should you look out for when buying caravan awnings?


  1. Size: one of the most important things to consider is the awning size. You want to ensure it fits nicely around your caravan and does not leave any gaps or spaces. Measure your train before you purchase the awning, and also consider the size of the awning because you will have it packed away for transportation.
  2. Material. An awning can be made from polyester or acrylic. Polyester awnings are lightweight and easy to transport, thus making them the best for long-distance trips. On the other hand, acrylic tops are durable and offer better protection from the weather, but they tend to be heavier.
  3. If you plan to go during the summer, you must find awnings that provide additional ventilation features, such as mesh panels or zipped windows. These features allow for better airflow and help keep the caravan’s interior cool.
  4. Find an easy awning to set up and take down. Always ensure that you follow the instructions and consider a durable roof. Find an awning with a sturdy frame so you do not have to replace it every season.



Caravan awnings are essential accessories for your caravan. They not only offer you extra living space but can also enhance your camping experience. Always make sure to keep the things mentioned above in mind when choosing a caravan awning. With the correct set of awnings from Kakadu Annexes, you can confidently hit the road and know you are in for a comfortable and reliable trip.


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